We’re revamping our YouTube Channel. We’re “The Beauty Docs” Get a Glimpse of our Lives in Plastic Surgery. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel

So we’re revamping our YouTube channel. We’re the Beauty Docs and we want you to get a glimpse of our lives and plastic surgery. Subscribe to our Channel and get access and reminders to new videos that we put out regarding the surgeries we do. Through this you can get an idea of what our lives are all about in plastic surgery. This first video that we are highlighting is a glimpse into plastic surgery and our lives in 60 seconds. This video is very graphic so be prepared and if you’re squeamish please do not watch this video. In this video we will be featuring an eye lift brow lift facelift and upper lip lift.


Calf Implant by Dr. Parikh of Seattle Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Calf implants are a way to shape your calves. Women often desire more shape to their calves. Usually in this situation there is lack of fullness in the calves on the medial or inner side of the calf. Calf implants can help this particular situation. You can have medial or lateral augmentation, or in other words, you can have the inside or outside augmented or both. We can design it to tailor it to your needs.



Hello from Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

We are so happy to be starting our new blog for our new website and our newest addition to our practice Dr. Rikesh Parikh. Our goals are centered around taking care of you. You, as our client, are the most important part of our practice. Without clients like you, we would not be in existence. We look forward to helping you and treating you like one of our closest friends and family.


Dr Philip Young and Dr Rikesh Parikh

From Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic  Surgery

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